Posted: September 15th, 2022

qualitative research proposal paper on family and children services located in Nashville TN

From my understanding I was directed to choose a field education agency and do a 10 page qualitative research proposal essay , using open ended questions in the intro and throughout the proposal I am to conclude what my hopes are to get done from the agency. My area of focus with this agency  is ensure that family and children continue to practice healthy habits used in the agency to promote healthy lifestyles , and my research questions consist of (How profoundly have family and children services affected children’s life? When and why would a family be referred to family and children services? What are some things that may become challenging to a family referred to family and children services?) Using apa 7th edition as well as Tennessee state university IBR Proposal form. Below I will upload the : Research grading proposal criteria , an example of  a qualitative research proposal provided by my professor , and Tennessee State University IBR proposal form. It is IMPARATIVE  THAT I HAVE REFERCENES THAT SUPPORT EVERTHING THAT IS STATED WHEN WRITING THIS QUALITATIVE RESEARCH PROPOSAL!!!  The introduction is due this Friday at 6:00pm however the proposal itself isn’t due until 10/25/22  when you release the introduction I will be happy to release the first half of your money .

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