Posted: September 20th, 2022

How to improve your cognitive flexibility

In this assignment you will:

You will identify an aspect of cognitive flexibility that relates to your own life, and that you would benefit from improving upon.
You will then design and implement a strategy (over 2-3 days) to improve it.
Finally, you will write a short assessment of your strategy and its outcomes. Please read the more detailed instructions below carefully.
Please read the more detailed instructions below carefully.


Identify some aspect of your own life, academic or social, where you would like to improve your cognitive flexibility. When doing so, make sure to clearly state how you rely on cognitive flexibility in this area of your life.
Come up with a strategy to improve your cognitive flexibility in this area. For example, you might struggle with taking in new information that goes against your beliefs, or to switch between your university life and your home life. Make sure you explain how your plan relates to the specific situation you want to improve.
Apply this strategy to your own life over at least a 2-3 day period. Spend 20 minutes each day to reflect on your experience in a journal. Be sure to also reflect on the overall experience once you are done applying your strategy. Use these reflections to help you write your final assessment (see Submission Requirements below.)

It is important to measure your efforts to change. So be sure to do the following:

Before implementing your strategy, take a cognitive flexibility test (for instance, the Cognitive Flexibility Scale, the Stroop test, the A-not-B test, or the multitasking test from session 6) to obtain a baseline score.
Implement your strategy for 2-3 days. Take notes about it (e.g., using a diary).
Take the same cognitive flexibility test on the 4th day to see if there is any change in your overall cognitive flexibility score.
Your Submission:

Write a summary of the experience which includes discussion and assessment of your strategy in no more than 500 words.

Please make sure you answer all of the following questions in your summary:


Which aspect of cognitive flexibility in your life are you attempting to improve?
What will be the benefit(s) to you if you can improve this aspect of cognitive flexibility?
What was your strategy to improve your cognitive flexibility and how did you apply it?
#describecompetencies and #measurecogcapacities

How did you measure your success?
How successful was your strategy based on both your measurement and your personal experience?
Submission Requirements:

Keep your discussion and assessment of your strategy to no more than 500 words total.

Assignment Information
Learning Outcomes Added
DescribeCogCapacities: Clearly describe cognitive capacities, such as executive functions, and their importance in real world situations.

ImproveCogCapacities: Design and implement methods to successfully improve one’s own and/or other’s cognitive capacities.

MeasureCogCapacities: Use contextually appropriate, valid, and reliable tools to measure cognitive capacities.

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