Posted: September 21st, 2022

Artifact Speech

Artifact Speech
(Note: this should only be 3-4 minutes and is meant as a way to present yourself
in a unique way)
Goal: Prepare to give a model speech by choosing three symbols in your life and selecting a
value of each one. This activity is a good occasion to explain what a symbol is. Just looking at
the symbol (a hockey puck, for example) is not sufficient information. You must give an
explanation of an interpretation of what this symbol represents or stands for.
Directions: Choose three symbols (artifacts) and that each represent a different value in your
life (for example, family, culture, friendship, goals, education). Prepare a speech that explains
these symbols.
Forbidden artifacts: Cell phone / headphones (this includes earbuds) / car keys
Remember: You must present your artifacts by PowerPoint/Google Slides.
Outline you should consider using:
I. Introduction: 1- Name / 2- background
II. Object 1: Define or interpret your symbol
a. Take out your symbol
b. Explain how it represents your values
c. Explain why this symbol is important to you
III. Object’s 2 and 3 should follow the same method as object 1
IV. Conclusion / Closing statement

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