Posted: September 21st, 2022


a. Introduce the topic
b. Give background information regarding your topic
c. Explain why you are taking the position you are
d. Briefly offer evidence supporting your position (as needed)
e. Assert your THESIS SENTENCE
a. Make a claim: It is a SHOULD statement
b. Clearly state the purpose of your paper
c. Provide a structure for your argument
The POSITION section should:
a. Tell the reader the reasons WHY you are taking the position you have
b. Include 2 to 4 position points and offer research supporting each position
b. Present the points and information in a logical order
c. Avoid including statements that lack obvious support
The COUNTER POSITION section should:
a. Tell the reader what obstacles/counterpoints there are to the THESIS, not
the position points
b. Include at least 2 counterpoints and their rebuttals
a. (rebuttal=prove the counterpoint wrong or incorrect through
c. Provide research/support for each counterpoint
a. You will want to research opposing position papers and viewpoints
d. Present rebuttals for the counterpoints
a. Your rebuttals also need research that substantiates why the
counterpoints are invalid
The RECOMMENDATION section usually, but not always, should include the following:
a. A brief restatement of your thesis and major points to remind the reader
why your recommendation should be followed.
b. A plan of action i.e. how it can be implemented; what an agency needs to
do to get started
c. A policy recommendation
The REFERENCE section must:
a. Use APA format
b. Be in alphabetical order and use the hanging indent tool or tab key to
indent the second and subsequent lines
c. Have every listing cited on the REFERENCE page be found in the body of
the paper in the form of an in-text citation
d. Do not list dictionaries

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