Posted: September 21st, 2022

Respond to film “Jaws”

A response paper to the film (“Apollo 11″, Todd Douglas Miller 2019) and the related article (“A SURROGATE FOR WAR”, Karsten Werth)

1. Make a formal question asking for audience’ opinions. This question should concern about the film or the article, and must be RELATED to your paper (a hook question to your paper).

It’s like a summarized THESIS question of your whole paper. Please have 1 CITE REFERENCE to this first part.

2. Then, write a response paper to the film and its’ related article. The focus of the paper should be what you learned about the film (plot, meaning, questions, technique, … etc.) and the academic article as a source to back up your points.

It must make quoted reference (AT LEAST 3 in this second part) to the article and the film in question. It SHOULD NOT summarize the plot of the film or the article.

Here is the link to the movie:

The article is attached below. Please also refer the two following example essays and follow their outline.

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