Posted: September 21st, 2022

Summary Discussion – Texas History

Read or listen to 3 assigned sources then use the following instruction to write a summary.
Begin with an introduction paragraph, explaining what the theme/topic of the Module was, and naming the sources.

–Compose a one-paragraph summary of each source. There are three to four sources in each module, and each paragraph summary should be around 150-200 words.  Use the following questions to guide your work, but do not answer them in a list – compose a thoughtful paragraph about each individual source of information. Use specific information from the sources.

What was the source about?
When in history was the source focused on?
Who were the main people discussed in the source?
Where in Texas did the source make mention of?
Did the author have a thesis? What was their main point, or argument?
–End with a conclusion – what is something you can conclude about these materials, or this time in history?

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