Posted: September 23rd, 2022

scholarly source on globalizations

The assignment for this week will be a little different. I would like you to find a scholarly article discussing globalization as it related to the lecture slides and supplementary material. This article can focus on any aspects of globalization such as the positives and negative’s associated with globalization, the globalization of companies, or the history of globalization. You are not limited to only these topics, any topics related to the module are acceptable. You can use any search engine you would like such as the UF Library system, JSTOR, or Google Scholar to find one peer reviewed scholarly source. You should summarize the main points of the article and discuss how it related to the module in your own words (~200-300 words). You will also need to provide the correct APA citation and an example of how you would cite it in sentence if you were using it in a research report.

To receive full credit you must have:

1. The summary and application to the module (~200-300 words)

2. Full APA citation

3. How you would use it in an in-text citation (Author, year) for one author, (Author & Author, year) for two authors, or (Author et al., year) for more than two authors.

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