Posted: September 26th, 2022


MMIS 653 (Fall 2022)
Total points: 70
Due date: 10/14/2022 11:59PM
1, Define and contrast the following terms: subnet, prefix, and BGP route? (6 points)
2, Consider a datagram network using 16-bit host addresses. Suppose a router uses
longest prefix matching and has the following forwarding table:
Prefix Match Interface
1 0
11 1
111 2
Otherwise 3
For each of the following 5 host addresses, give the matched interface # using above
forwarding table. (10 points)
11100000 10111111
10110000 10111111
11010000 10111111
01110000 10111111
10000000 10111111
3, How big is the MAC address space? The IPv4 address space? The IPv6 address space?
Note: The size of an address space is the maximum number of different addresses it can
have. (3 points)
4, In CSMA/CD, after the 5th collision, what is the probability that a node chooses K=4?
The result K=4 corresponds to a delay of how many seconds on a 100 Mbps Ethernet? (5
5, List the serious security flaws of Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) for 802.11 wireless
networks. How those security flaws are addressed by WiFi Protected Access (WPA)? (6
6, Describe IPsec and how it can be used to create virtual private networks (VPNs). (6
7, What is the difference between a permanent address and a care-of address? Who
assigns a care-of address? (4 points)
8, Identify and describe at least three common network vulnerabilities? (6 points)
9, What is an important difference between a symmetric key system and a public key
system? (5 points)
10, True or False, explain why? (4 points)
a, Ethernet and 802.11 uses the same frame structure.
b, The addresses in an Ethernet frame header are IP addresses.
11, Complete the Wireshark Lab: SSL. The answers to all the questions in the lab are
posted in Canvas. Follow all the steps in the lab and try to answer all the questions. Then
check your answers using the solution file provided. There is no need to submit your
answers to me for grading. You only need to submit a screenshot to show me that you
opened the trace file and did the lab. (6 points)
Note: The files for the Wireshark Lab and the solutions are provided separately.
• Wireshark_SSL_v8.0.pdf
• Wireshark_SSL_SOLUTION_v8.0.pdf
12, Conduct a survey on routing protocols, select one protocol and discuss how it works,
identify its advantages and disadvantages. The length of your review should be no more
than 2 pages in length. Please use APA (American Psychological Association) style for
in-text citations and references.( The
rubric I use for grading your review is attached for your reference. (9 points)
criteria 3 2 1 0 Points
Identify the
literature in the
field of network
5 or more
are identified
3-4 related
references are
1-2 related
references are
No reference is
Summarize the
advantages and
disadvantages of
the chosen
routing protocol
Be able to
summarize 3
or more
and 3 or more
Be able to
summarize 1 or
2 advantages
and 1 or 2
Be able to
advantages or
but not both
Not able to
summarize any
relating to
network routing
are reached
from the
Some detailed
conclusions are
reached from
the literature
A conclusion is
reached from
the literature
No conclusion
is reached
from the

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